Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions about the Llama LMS platform below. If you have a question which isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us

Q: Where does my site 'live'?

Your site is a completely separate installation, and can be found and linked to like any other website. It will be ‘sub-domained’ from, meaning your site’s URL will therefore look like this: [yourorganisation]

Q: Can my site be found and viewed by anyone?

That’s up to you – if you’d like your site to be password protected so it’s not viewable by the general public, we can set it up that way. You can then manually approve agents (or other participants) as you choose.

Q: Can I turn modules on and off?

Yes, it’s very easy. We can show you how, or we can perform these tasks for you as part of a managed service.

Q: How many modules can I have?

Your site can manage a very large number of modules (in excess of 50), with the only limitation being hosting space. Depending on the nature of the content and things like resolution of images used, you should expect to be able to host 20-30 modules under the standard hosting. If you need more space, this can be provided upon request.

Q: What features does my site have?

You can see a full list of features here.

Q: I have special requirements. Can you customise some additional features for my site?

We would be happy to discuss this with you, and have a team of developers who can likely assist with whatever your requirements may be.

Your own training platform

Llama LMS is the perfect alternative to using a third-party training platform. Hosting your training on your own website creates a seamless user experience, and lets you integrate your training with other website functions.