Features & Highlights

You're in control

Modules are available to complete for as long as you choose, because it’s your own site – meaning there’s no campaign-style on/off switching. You can also update modules yourself at any time. It’s easy to do and it’s free.

A Llama LMS training site operates either within your existing WordPress website or as a complete standalone site. This means you have great flexibility in terms of the content you use – including embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos – as well as the option to employ a range of other plugins and features. It will keep scaling as required.

If you (or your team) are familiar with WordPress content management tasks already, you’ll be aware of just how easy it is to use. Editing the modules and configuring quiz settings is equally straightforward, with the interface on your Llama LMS site designed to be extremely user-friendly. Our team will provide you with initial face-to-face training, a comprehensive instruction manual, and online and phone support for as long as needed. It’s all about empowering you to control your own agent training programs, and minimising the ongoing costs for doing so.


Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Your site will automatically reformat to suit the device it’s being viewed on. This means participants can complete modules wherever they choose – whether that’s on the bus, the train, or even using inflight wifi!

Best-practice websites utilise ‘responsive coding’, which enables them to detect the size of the browser window and optimise the site design to suit. This provides the best user experience, while simultaneously removing the need to have a separate mobile site.

Llama LMS employs responsive coding, and will therefore look just as impressive on a mobile or tablet device as it does on a desktop. This adaptability applies to the modules themselves too, making quizzes easier than ever to view and complete on-the-go. Trainees will love the increased flexibility, and you can expect to see higher completion rates as a result.

Flexible Designs

We’ll develop your training portal in a style that suits your branding. You can choose between basic customisation of existing Llama LMS templates, a style to match an existing website, or a completely bespoke design.

Having your own installation of a Llama LMS website allows you complete freedom when it comes to the visual design. It’s all about making your product or service stand out to the agent audience, rather than having your modules housed alongside or under someone else’s brand.

So, how far can you go with this visual design? It’s entirely up to you. We offer completely bespoke designs (from a team of experience UX designers and website coders) as well as basic Llama LMS templates which we can customise with your logo, font, and brand colours. There are options for every budget.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Create unlimited modules (subject to hosting space) for a low upfront investment, plus fair annual hosting and support.

Having your own installation of a Llama LMS website allows you complete freedom when it comes to the visual design. It’s all about making your product or service stand out to the agent audience, rather than having your modules housed alongside or under someone else’s brand.

Llama LMS is about empowering companies and organisations to train staff and members efficiently, easily, and as frequently as desired, without adding additional costs along the way. This means we don’t charge for additional modules, each module remains on for as long as you choose, and you can continue to add content, modules, and users up to the hosting limitations of your site. Beyond this, your hosting can be increased at relatively low cost if needed.

So, want to start with a single module and build up to a library of 20? Easy. And it won’t cost you a cent more to add each one along the way.

Our expert marketing team can also work with you on any competitions, promotions, or incentives you choose to integrate with your training programs.

Key Module Features

Flexible Quizzes

Create unlimited number of quizzes Choice between single-choice, multiple-choice and open-ended questions

Calculate Grades

Ability to calculate a grade based on % of correct answers

Optional Timer

Option to add a timer to ensure the user completes it within a certain time

Answer Feedback

Ability to add correct answer feedback or explanations, allowing further education on a topic

Answers Snapshot

Snapshot and table view of answer showing how each person answered the question

Email Answers

Ability to have the answers emailed to the user and the creator of the test/quiz

Question Hints

Question hints, should it be necessary or required to prompt the user towards the right answer

Password Protected

Password protected to restrict access 

Printable Certificates

Personalised printable certificates once the user achieves a certain grade

Randomise Questions

You can have your questions randomised each time the exam is loaded, to reduce cheating

After More?

Contact us to discuss the full feature set and how we might tailor it to meet your particular requirements (or simply check our FAQs)

Llama LMS Reporting Features

Export Data

Export data as a CSV spreadsheet file (for use in Excel)

Time Overview

All time overview with a pie chart showing the number of tests attempted, certificates earned, skills practiced, and how they distribute by test category

Full History

Full history of all test attempts with time spent, problems solved and results

Skills Report

Skills/Categories report showing your users how they perform by test category and question category. The reports can be filtered by given percentage of proficiency and spreads up nicely by question category

Usage Summary

Usage summary showing the number of tests attempted for the last 12 months

Cumulative Stats

Cumulative stats per question that show you how many users and what % of them selected each answer in each question. It also shows the number and percentage of correct answers to each question in the selected test

Your own training platform

Llama LMS is the perfect alternative to using a third-party training platform. Hosting your training on your own website creates a seamless user experience, and lets you integrate your training with other website functions.