How Our Pricing Works

The pricing model for your Llama LMS site involves an initial discounted development cost, and a declining balance cost for subsequent years that you maintain the license.

The initial development cost includes:

• Installation

• Configuration

• Styling

• Hosting (12 months)

• Licensing (12 months)

• Uploading of an agreed initial number of modules, and

• Site management training.

The initial development cost will vary depending on the specific requirements of your site, in particular the visual interface. We offer both a basic Llama LMS template which can be restyled to your brand, or the opportunity for a fully custom-designed site, with prices varying accordingly.

As a guide, our quotes generally range from AUD10,000 to AUD40,000 (with the latter including custom styling, some third party integrations, and assistance with module development).


After the initial build, we charge a hosting and support fee of $3000+GST per year including up to 15 hours per annum support .

To determine the estimated pricing for your Llama LMS site, please fill out our Enquiry Form with details about your requirements, or simply Contact Us for a chat.